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Valencia Viralstyle Tran drop shape on the yacht million in Singapore

Singapore in addition to enjoying the concert 'Love Song Lam Phuong' co-funded by Thea, Valencia Chen also take the time to save the beautiful pictures at Lion Island.

Recently, personnel concert Thuy Nga Paris By Night - Love Song Lam Phuong was first held in Asia (specifically Singapore), Valencia Chen had arranged the time and work into this busy attending. Which is the special sponsor of the concert, Valencia Chen appeared in the VIP seats, quickly attracted the attention of many visitors of prestige - abroad.

valencia-tran-217-7-ngoisao 3

valencia-tran-217-8-ngoisao 2

valencia-tran-217-9-ngoisao 1

At night, Valencia Tran dominant presence skirt with turquoise, together with the accessories are combined sophisticated refinement, Valencia Chen strode confidently on each eye of everyone watching.

valencia-tran-217-10-ngoisao 0

valencia-tran-217-5-ngoisao 5

valencia-tran-217-6-ngoisao 4

Chen revealed Valencia, Thuy Nga Paris By Night is a variety show favorite ever her. As soon as there is information night will be held this time in Singapore and with the participation of musicians Lam Phuong, Tran Valencia was "nodding" became one of the main sponsors of the program.

valencia-tran-217-4-ngoisao 6

In addition to the concert, Valencia Tran also intimate party with the guests on a luxury yacht. On the occasion, Valencia Tran has saved many pictures with our guests, especially Meo Meo - Thea image ambassador of Beauty Solutions.

valencia-tran-217-1-ngoisao 9

valencia-tran-217-2-ngoisao 8

valencia-tran-217-3-ngoisao 7

Meo Meo and Valencia both Tran and unfinished, showing looks hot side. If Valencia Tran dressed in bra and white skirt floating, combined with expensive Chanel chain ring. Meo Meo has chosen the image of a fashionable lady of Hermes silk scarf you choose to make a shirt, bracelet Chanel, Dior glasses ... all make extremely expensive set of items.